Paper mario walkthrough

paper mario walkthrough

Walkthrough - Paper Mario RPG: This Walkthrough shows how to complete the main quest of Paper Mario: The Thousand-Year Door. This page is on a walkthrough for the game Paper Mario Walkthrough. This guide should take you by the hand, and frolic with you through the colourful 3D world of Paper Mario. If not, it will push your incompetent. Mega Bomb 8 FP - Explode and destroy all enemies. There will be a section below that will cover. Equip it as this badge is very useful since enemies that use contact attacks will take 1 point of damage. Continue on trying to dodge the Bullet Bills they only give 1 Star Point in battle so it's pretty pointless to online triple chance. Have Parakarry fly you across and cross the large bridge.

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POGO PUZZLE GAMES But hey, at least Bow's helping you. Rugged, make sure you save and heal. Tattle O FP - See enemies' descriptions and see their HP during battle. A couple of things I must explain first before I move wings of fire novoline with the walkthrough. You can't get it yet, so don't bother trying. Use the springboard, use Bombette to open up the wall if you already haven't and go through the hole, cross the room and go into the one with the Chomp Statues. You'll learn about a Star Spirit at Koopa Bros.


Paper Mario - 100% Walkthrough


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